Should You Buy a Franchise Business After Retiring from Corporate America

Should You Buy a Franchise Business After Retiring from Corporate America?

If you’re getting close to retirement, you’re probably thinking a lot about what you want to do after you officially exit Corporate America. Over the last fifteen years, general feelings about retirement have significantly changed. Although most people still value the increased freedom and ability to enjoy more family time after retiring, a lot of individuals don’t want to spend their days figuring out how to stay entertained at home.

In a 2016 story about retirement, the New York Times shared that in May of 2000, 12.8% of those older than 65 held a job. By May of 2016, that number had climbed substantially to 18.8%. While some people are unable to retire, many make the choice to continue working. Given the negative health benefits of retiring that some studies have found, staying engaged with work can be a very wise decision.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health looked at rates of heart attack and stroke among men and women in the ongoing U.S. Health and Retirement Study. Among 5,422 individuals in the study, those who had retired were 40% more likely to have had a heart attack or stroke than those who were still working. The increase was more pronounced during the first year after retirement and leveled off after that.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds By Purchasing a Franchise

Does the above information mean you have to choose between retiring or continuing to work full-time? Not at all! One very appealing option is to purchase a franchise. Going with this option will allow you to continue exercising the career skills you’ve developed, earn money and still enjoy the benefits of a much more flexible schedule.

If this path sounds like something that may be an ideal fit for your post-retirement goals, the next question to look at is which franchise opportunity is right for you. At All About Kids, we’re proud to offer an opportunity to invest in the fastest growing childcare franchise in the Midwest. We began in 2008 by offering a new kind of daycare and childcare model. Understanding that parents are looking for learning centers and not daycare facilities has been an important element of our success.

Another reason we’ve been able to build such an appealing brand, team and opportunity in under a decade is we offer franchisees a proven system for success. From financing options to marketing support, we ensure every learning center franchise is set up for success from the very beginning. We also provide our franchise owners with the freedom to set their own hours and hire their own staff.

If you’re interested in taking the next step to find out if becoming an All About Kids franchisee after retiring could work for you, please fill out our franchise information form.

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