what goes into opening a childcare center

What Goes Into Opening a Childcare Center?

Over the last decade, the US childcare industry has continued to grow at a very rapid rate. When the effects of the recession hit in 2009, most privately held companies declined by an average of 5%. However, privately held childcare companies continued to grow during this period. More specifically, the annual growth of companies in this space was 6-7% from 2008 to 2012.

Because there is so much demand for quality childcare, this space has attracted a lot of attention from both operators and investors. Plenty of people have decided to dive in and see if they can grab a slice of this industry. While there are a number of compelling reasons to enter an industry that’s growing as fast as childcare, there is a common mistake that individuals make. The mistake is underestimating just how much goes into starting a childcare center from scratch.

The Big Challenge of Starting a Solo Childcare Center

Since solo operators see so much demand for childcare services, they often think that getting started is as simple as letting their community know they’re in business. The problem with taking such a simplified process to getting started is parents aren’t just looking for any type of childcare. Instead, the real demand is for a learning environment that will help children grow socially, developmentally and academically.

Franchising Provides a Path to Success

Given everything needed to open a childcare center that gets parents truly excited, it’s easy to see why this can be quite daunting for someone to do on their own. Fortunately, if you’re interested in becoming part of this industry, you don’t need to try to figure out everything by yourself. Instead, you can become an All About Kids franchise owner.

As one of the fastest growing childcare franchises in the Midwest, our franchise owners get expert support through every step of the way. From the start, we’ll help you explore whether leasing or purchasing makes the most sense for your All About Kids center. Another form of early support that our franchisees get is ensuring every location meets the specifications to be LEED-certified green childcare centers.

Our comprehensive initial training program covers everything from classroom layout to staff retention. We will also provide support for your location’s grand opening efforts, as well as ongoing marketing. When you join the All About Kids Childcare and Learning Center team, you will never be alone!

If you think opening a childcare center is the right fit for the next step in your professional life and you want to reap all the benefits that go along with becoming an All About Kids franchisee, the next step is to request additional information through our online contact form.

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