Month: July 2017

How Social Media Is Changing Franchising

How Social Media Is Changing Franchising

When you think of franchising, consistency, and uniformity may be two concepts that come to mind. While both concepts are still very important to franchising, social media has introduced a new element to the industry. In the past, information about franchises was often limited to channels like industry publications and trade shows. But as social …

5 Notable HR Issues for Franchises

5 Notable HR Considerations for Franchises

If you’re thinking about becoming a franchise owner, HR will play a key role in the growth of your business. From compliance to employee leave, there is a wide variety of HR considerations that franchisees need to address. At All About Kids, we take a lot of pride in providing every franchisee with the support …

Franchise SEO

Getting Started with Improving Franchise SEO

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been ten years since the iPhone was first introduced to the world. The reason this milestone is significant is it forever changed how people interact with the Internet. Although the iPhone was by no means the first cell phone and not even the first smartphone, it made it …

Building Customer Loyalty for Your Franchise

The Why and How of Building Customer Loyalty for Your Franchise

If you become a franchise owner, you will have many different options for where to focus your attention. As you begin looking at these different options, marketing and advertising will likely stand out as being some of the most important to do. The reason is these activities can have a direct impact on the ability …

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