4 Notable Trends in Childcare for 2017

If you’re looking into childcare as a potential franchise opportunity, it’s helpful to understand the trends that are driving this $48 billion industry. Because All About Kids prides itself on being a leader in this space, we want to highlight four trends that are shaping the childcare industry in 2017 and beyond:

1. Early Education

Parents no longer simply want someone to watch their children. Instead, parents are looking for an environment where their children can have a solid educational foundation. Not only is this something parents want, but it’s something that young children are very receptive to. That’s why All About Kids Childcare and Learning Centers have the resources in place to help shape and develop today’s children into a generation of responsible, caring people.

2. Increased Transparency

In the past, most parents felt powerless when childcare scandals occurred in different parts of the country. However, technology has really reshaped parents’ involvement and expectations of child care. Instead of relying on a single recommendation from an acquaintance, parents can pull out their phone and do in-depth research for the childcare options in their area.

This type of empowerment also means that parents expect more from childcare providers. If a parent doesn’t feel like they’re getting the level of communication they expect, they won’t hesitate to take their child somewhere else. Ensuring parents’ expectations are met and even exceeded is part of why the very thorough initial training program for All About Kids franchisees includes everything you need to know about handling parent relations.

3. Greater Competition

Competition is a natural part of any mature industry. That’s especially true for large industries like childcare. Drop-in and corporate childcare are both options that have made this industry even more competitive. Since it’s definitely not enough to put together a plan, open a childcare facility and then expect it to thrive, All About Kids franchisee support begins before you even break ground on a new learning center. The support and roadmap we provide will help you achieve your goals.

4. Environmental Responsibility

As awareness about the importance of environmental responsibility continues to grow, more people are looking at the environmental impact of all their daily decisions. As one of the select few green childcare centers in the country, All About Kids is a leader in environmental action and curriculum.

More and more parents are going to expect childcare environments to provide early education and increased transparency. And as competition across this industry continues to grow, factors like taking environmental responsibility will only continue to increase in importance. If you want to open a childcare business that will be able to thrive with these trends instead of being overwhelmed by them, contact us today to learn more about why All About Kids is the fastest growing childcare franchise in the Midwest.

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