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All About the Childcare Center Business: Toys, Toys, Toys

Buying Toys for Playtime Once you have your staff hired, it’s time to open the floodgates and let the children in. Although you have teachers, your children don’t always need to be learning something. Playtime must also be involved in order to maintain productivity and effectiveness. You must make sure there is a variety of …

All About the Childcare Center Business

All About the Childcare Center Business: Staff Complications

After the parties, the staff appreciation, the games, and the quality time, there are still less pleasant parts to having a staff. Problematic or dangerous behaviors, inappropriate comments or language, or unruly work ethics can all get in the way of a good staff. In order to keep morale and reputation high in your childcare …

All About the Childcare Center Business: Expectations

All About the Childcare Center Business: Expectations

Your employees will expect that you know what you’re doing and can tell them which way to go. They will expect that you’re running your childcare center with some level of knowledge and expertise. You must do this through examples of leadership and direction, even if you’re not sure where you’re going. The best leaders …

Childcare Center Business

All About the Childcare Center Business: Orientation and Training

All employees must go through orientation and training upon hire. They will have to learn the rules and policies for operation as a member of All About Kids. Orientation can be done in a few different ways, but it is often used and thought of as a glimpse into what the job is really like. …

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All About the Childcare Center Business: Interviewing and Compensation

You should only draw in the best of the best from the resumes for interviewing because it can be time consuming and if you have even a semi-sympathetic personality, you may be tempted to hire every individual that walks through the door because they need a job and you have jobs at your childcare center. …

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All About the Childcare Center Business: Advertising Positions

We’ve mentioned before that other owners a childcare center have said hiring is the hardest part of the process and that is no over-exaggeration. Your first problem is going to be getting the news out that you are looking for people. The way an advertisement looks broadcasts a lot about your company, who you are, …

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All About the Childcare Center Business: The Hiring Process

As the business owner of a childcare center, your word matters the most when problems arise or there are questions about business needs. This means hiring staff, rule enforcement, the bottom line on child safety, paperwork, great relationships with clients, marketing, and sometimes even curriculum, though All About Kids will be the main source for …

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How Child Care Franchising Differs From Other Franchises

Childcare franchising is a great investment for business owners because children are not only sticking around for a long, long time, but they’re also going to always have working parents. child care franchising has far more perks than franchises in other industries which makes the idea of owning one much more attractive to many business …

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All About the IRS in Your Daycare Franchise

You will want to keep meticulous records of everything on the financial side of your Lewis Center daycare franchise in order to keep the IRS happy when they come looking for information. Accurate reports and details about your financial expenditures and income will be critical to the ongoing success of your daycare franchise. With the …

Daycare Franchise - Schedules

All About Schedules in Your Daycare Franchise

Keeping a regular daily schedule is key for maintaining healthy and active kids that also stay focused on the task at hand. Kids can become anxious if they are taken off a schedule too often or they can become tired. When you’re planning out your day and curriculum with your teachers, make it a point …

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