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All About Daycare Center Admissions: Hours and Services

Once you know how much you will charge per child you will need to establish the hours you are open. Now if you are a small Florence Kentucky daycare center, this may be set as normal hours of 6 AM to 6 PM. If you have a larger Florence Kentucky daycare center, you can be more flexible here which can be attractive to parents that do not work normal hours.

You will also need to determine which holidays your Florence Kentucky daycare center will be closed for and which you will not and put this into writing. If you plan to charge additional for certain holidays then this also need to be clear in the paperwork to parents. Keep a calendar of your open and closed days as well as any special events and post it or provide handouts to parents to keep them up to date. It is also a good idea to remind parents and post a sign to remind parents. You should also make sure that parents know whether they are responsible for paying for days that your location is closed.


The Services Offered

Keep in mind that the services you provide do not have to be actual services but simply benefits to the family when their child or children are in your care. There is a lot more flexibility here with large  Florence Kentucky daycare center compared to at home child care services. In general, the more people who take advantage of this service, the less you will charge for it. It will be up to the individual families to determine which of your services they want to take advantage of. Here are some of the services you can provide in your  Florence Kentucky daycare center. This is just a basic list so do not think that you have to offer all of these or only these services.


Food Service


With a food service your Florence Kentucky daycare center will provide some or all of the food for the children during the day. In some cases this can be minimal work on your behalf, such as when you choose catering or a third party company to handle the needs of the center. Keep in mind that if you offer extended hours then you will need to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks in between as part of your food service program. Since this is not something that is typically included in the cost of the daycare, you can charge an additional fee for parents who use this service for their children.


There are several benefits to using a food service in your  Florence Kentucky daycare center, including:


  • They can be subsidized by the government to meet certain standards making it easier to determine what to serve and be entitled to a reimbursement.
  • Since you know the number of children that you will be serving, it is easy to determine the amount and cost for the food.
  • There are no missed or lost lunches or snacks from kids as you provide this for them.


There are some downfalls of the food service that should also be considered. Some of these include:


  • There will be more paperwork involved as you will have to create a menu and post it for people to see.
  • You will need to establish rules for the preparation of meals and snacks as well as determine what foods can be served.
  • You cannot cater to all the tastes of children in the facility which means some children will not eat what you serve so they may go hungry.

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