All About Daycare Franchise Marketing: Communicating with Clients

All About Daycare Franchise Marketing: Communicating with Clients

Another important aspect of business ownership in child care centers is the need to continually inform your clients of new happenings in your Cincinnati daycare franchise, celebrate milestones with yours staff and business, and talk about any large family events that might be coming. The different ways you can communicate with your current clients includes:


  • Bulletin Board
  • Newsletter
  • Greeting Cards
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Referrals
  • Yearly Contract Information
  • Classroom Evaluations

Dealing with Negative Media at Your Daycare Franchise

When you put yourself out there with marketing, community events, and advertising, there are always those who will not like or approve of what you do for one reason or another and you will probably receive negative press. It might not be from marketing at all, but a client that you either rejected or ended service with because of delinquent behavior. Angry customers are more likely to be vocal, especially those who didn’t get what they want, even if what they were asking for was unreasonable.

When you’re met with angry individuals who are part of your Cincinnati daycare franchise, remind them of the policies regarding whatever it is they might be angry about. If injury, illness, or death happened in your Cincinnati daycare franchise, do the best you can to reassure clients that it will not happen again. Keep an eye on the media for stories about what happened at your Cincinnati daycare center and be prepared to respond honestly. You may consider written a response to your clients or the public through a newsletter, a blog on your website, or through a community event.


Termination at Your Daycare Franchise

If an event happened with an employee, be prepared to terminate depending on the circumstances. If something happened with children, you may want to let the parents know of the event and what measures you took in order to prevent it from happening again. The best way to handle any uncertainty or fear with your company, your clients, and the public at large is through constant communication.

If termination of an employee is in order, make sure to take care of it with a paper trail and as respectfully as possible, even if the employee was completely out of line. You do not want to face lawsuits, even if they are bogus as this can present your Cincinnati daycare franchise with negative press that might hurt your business until it is forgotten, if it is ever forgotten. An untrue statement can still cause a loss in business, even if proven false.

In the case of any emergency, accident, or outrage, remain calm, confident, and respectful. Approach the individual or public with understanding and compassion, and do the best you can to not only solve the situation, but to also do what is right.


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