All About Daycare Franchise Marketing: Marketing Yourself

All About Daycare Franchise Marketing: Marketing Yourself

As the business owner of a Cincinnati daycare franchise, you can also take it upon yourself to go out and make a difference on a personal level. Advertise yourself as a business owner and let others know what you do. There are a few ways you can do this and they all have to do with print and carrying advertisements around with you.



There are so many different styles that brochures can be printed in for advertisement purposes. There are single folds, tri-folds, inserts, and so much more. Include everything you think you have to brag about with your child care center. As a franchisee for your Cincinnati daycare franchise, that means you have a lot to brag about. Brochures should be the thing that tells the reader, “Hey, this is a brilliant idea. Why aren’t you a part of it?” It’s an informative advertising piece, a reminder, and a representation of yourself and your company.


Business Cards

Business cards are much more simple than brochures and should contain the essence of your Cincinnati daycare franchise, your name, and all the contact information they need including address of your Cincinnati daycare franchise phone number, and email addresses for the office. If you feel comfortable giving out your personal work number as well, stick that on the card. A business card should be a handy ‘advertisement’ for all the information they need if they need more information about your company.



Flyers with pull-tabs are still a thing if that’s what you’re thinking of doing. Flyers can be posted all over the place on bulletin boards and should have contact information, the feel of the child care center and your Cincinnati daycare franchise, and maybe some information on who you are and what you do. Treat a flyer as a temporary, partial stand-in for first introductions. Do not make it cheaply or sloppily as it will reflect on your location as well as your Cincinnati daycare franchise as a whole.

Great lesser thought of places to hang fliers includes:


  • Realtor Offices
  • Newcomers Clubs
  • OB/GYN offices
  • Moving Companies
  • Doctor and Dentist Offices

Other Forms of Advertising

If you’re looking to boost that reach just a little bit more, there are a handful of other, less traditional forms of advertising such as:

  • Bookmarks
  • Merchandise
  • Sponsorships
  • Halloween events for the community


Get People Talking

Without people talking about your Cincinnati daycare franchise, it’s hard to get attention. Prints, radio advertisements, and flyers are all passive ways of marketing and advertising. So how do you get people’s attention in a society that’s constantly moving forward? You start talking about yourself.


Press Releases

Close to grand opening, press releases are a great way to introduce your your Cincinnati daycare franchise to the surrounding community. There are four things that a press release should do:

First: They should state who you are, as well as the business you run and your specialties.

Two: Your press release should say why you’re having a press release. If it’s for a grand opening, let them know when and where. Are you having a special party? Anniversary of your store opening? Press releases are informative for special events happening in the neighborhood.

Three: Press releases should divulge when the parties are going down. If it’s not for a grand opening or large event, but you’re celebrating the growth of your child care center, say when that major change happened and what it entails for your business.

Four:  Your press releases should also be full of contact information. Phone numbers, emails, business addresses.

When you purchase a press release in the newspaper, you can expect a one-page layout, though this may change from paper to paper. Usually a few paragraphs is more than enough. You want to keep it short and sweet while still including the work culture of your child care center. Invite the readers in with not only your Cincinnati daycare franchise activity offerings, but the childcare franchise attitude.



Activities done with or sponsored by your Cincinnati daycare franchise are a great way to get the word out. Simply doing things as a group with references such as employees wearing shirts, badges, or other clothing pieces can be a great way to signify strangers that you’re a group of the same organization doing something together. This can be done during open hours or off hours as a team building exercise. Some activities you can do with your Cincinnati daycare franchise team include:

  • Field trips
  • Anniversary events
  • Community marketing
  • Newcomers Club
  • Chamber of Commerce

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