All About Daycare Franchise Marketing

All About Daycare Franchise Marketing: Marketing Options


Over the years, the internet has become an incredible tool for business marketing. You can use social media websites like Facebook and Google+ to build awareness of your Cincinnati daycare franchise as well as the your franchisor brand. These websites provide a vehicle for interaction between you and the clients and encourage responses to the service provided. The reviews given to your Cincinnati daycare franchise can be marketing all on their own. We encourage the independent use of social media as a marketing tool as it is incredibly cost effective and most people use the internet on daily basis, making it a great option for building your readership. Blogs, interactions through Facebook, and paid for ads are just a few ways to use the internet to your business advantage.



The radio was and still is a common way to advertise for many businesses around the world. If your Cincinnati daycare franchise is located in an area that is known for lots of radio usage, you might consider writing a short 30 second or shorter commercial to bring in the radio listeners. When you purchase a radio slot, you want to pay attention to the demographic you’re trying to reach and purchase accordingly. Working parents with children will be more likely to hear your radio ad in the car during rush hour as they’re on their way to work. Plan your time slot around when you think your target demographic will most likely be tuned in in order to draw in a larger audience.



Print advertisements for your Cincinnati daycare franchise can go in magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. These work great in niche magazines or the classified areas in the newspaper. Your print ads don’t have to be strictly text, but you can work with storytelling, images, and so much more. Child care centers are all about innovation and creativity. As long as your ad idea fits with the your franchisor brand and is geared towards the your Cincinnati daycare franchise families, you should be golden to not only attract those looking for child care in the area, but those without children who know of others. Some places that print ads can be found are:

  • Church bulletins
  • Community bulletins
  • Regional family magazines or magazines in general
  • School letters
  • High school newspapers
  • Chamber of commerce news
  • Township or county newsletters
  • Newspapers
  • Phonebooks
  • Banners

Different Types of Marketing

Outside of advertising, there is marketing for your Cincinnati daycare franchise. This takes your child care center to a whole new level.


Community Events

Community events such as child specialist fairs, carnivals, and the open market are great places to set up a booth and talk about what you can offer families in the way of child care centers. Your Cincinnati daycare franchise is all about involving the families in the growth of their children and the education they’re receiving in and out of school. You can also make a huge mark in your community by participating in nonprofit events as a representative for your company. This lets your community know how invested you are in the community while also giving you a chance to introduce yourself as a business owner on a personal level.



Parades are a great place to market your Cincinnati daycare franchise because they are events for children and parents. Wow the children and you will most definitely wow the parents. You can do as little as tossing out candy and walking to building a large float that represents who you and your Cincinnati daycare franchise are. If you can involve any of the clientele in your parade movement with you and your staff, it’s a great way to build a better relationship with your current clients while also building your clientele.

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