All About Daycare Franchise Marketing

All About Daycare Franchise Marketing: Generating Clients

Your franchisor will help you to some extent with the marketing and promoting of your Cincinnati daycare franchise, but it may not be as much as you’d like, especially moving forward. As a business owner, you will have some of the responsibility, if not most of it, for getting involved with your general public and bringing new clients to your child care center and daycare franchise. If you’re curious about what marketing campaigns Your franchisor has for their franchisees and what you can do as an individual business owner, ask your franchisor contact for more information. If you’re thinking of doing extra public relations work and marketing, also ask what’s appropriate with Your franchisor policies. If you’ve hired a business consultant, they may be able to help you with more effective campaigns, commercials, and community service events.


Generating Publicity

There are more than a few ways to market your Cincinnati daycare franchise. For new businesses, a grand opening and ad or article in the paper is a great way to get your cities attention. Child care centers can run special events for opening week if a client joins on during that initial boom. You can run a potluck during opening weekend or a fun, small carnival and facility tour all depending on what your finances look like when it comes to child care center marketing. Other high profile campaigns may include television commercials or radio ads. The more you get your daycare franchise name and address out there, the better chance you have. However it should always be done in a positive light. Consider what your ads or marketing campaigns are saying about you before you release them.

If you’re looking for a lower profile way to inform the community of your opening Cincinnati daycare franchise, consider a newsletter, going go childcare fairs in the area, or other outreach programs for child-specific assistance.


Marketing to Potential Clients

Before you can start on marketing campaigns, you have to know who your receivers are and what you need to say to reach them. Thankfully Your franchisor can help you locate your target demographic for the area. Our child care centers have already focused the market from six weeks old to twelve-year-old children.


There’s a difference between advertising and marketing your business:

  • Advertising is when you print ads, create audio script, or promote using television.
  • Marketing is when you promote your business through a variety of paid and unpaid methods which may include publicity event or community events. Marketing can be expensive or free, but takes a lot more planning than advertising typically does.

Know Your Service

Before you can bring people to your your Cincinnati daycare franchise, you have to know Your franchisor yourself. Take some time during the building and pre-opening phase to read the operation manual, policies, and get to know your Cincinnati daycare franchise as if it’s part of your family. Get to know what your child care center is going to be like based on the culture of Your franchisor mixed with your business management style. Know what hours you will offer, what classes and extra services you can tell families about, and how your facility stands out.

To make the most of your advertising and marketing, you need to know who you are thoroughly so you can concisely share your message with your receiving audience.

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