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All About the Childcare Center Business: Staff Complications

After the parties, the staff appreciation, the games, and the quality time, there are still less pleasant parts to having a staff. Problematic or dangerous behaviors, inappropriate comments or language, or unruly work ethics can all get in the way of a good staff. In order to keep morale and reputation high in your childcare center, you must deal with problematic individuals accordingly. They cannot be ignored or you may end up with injury, insults, a broken team, a loss of reputation, and even lawsuits. There are ways to prevent this from happening, though many employers hate to do it.


Firing Someone at Your Childcare Center

It’s hard to fire someone because you’ve spent the time to interview and train them. You’ve invested in them quite a bit and put a lot of trust in them. Ego is partially involved when it comes to firing someone because few like to admit they made a mistake when it comes to judging someone’s character. There are many reasons that an individual made need to be fired or just isn’t working out with the team. As a business owner, you should never take these times to be ashamed of your decision or to hesitate in making the right call for your childcare center as it is always a learning experience. Some behaviors that may call for immediate discipline include:


  • Theft
  • Lying about wages
  • Illegal activity outside work
  • Substance use
  • Repeated breaking of company policy
  • Dangerous behaviors around children or on site
  • Inappropriate language
  • Sexual harassment of staff
  • Inability to adapt to new or changed policies
  • Inability to adopt and apply new training
  • Consistently late
  • Consistently absent
  • Insubordination


There may be more reasons that someone is not fitting into the work culture of your child care center. This is something that you cannot always learn during the interview process and you should never feel bad as many people are excellent when it comes to hiding their less desirable traits for a shorter period of time. While discipline is always an option and should be used in cases that are not extreme, you should always do what you feel is in the best interest of your staff, your clients, your business, and yourself.


Positions You May Need to Staff

There is an alphabet of positions to fill when it comes to running a child care center. The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child” and that’s because your staff is pretty much going to be a village raising an even bigger village of children during the day. While you may have already planned out what positions you’re going to need, here’s a quick run through of basic staff members for a daycare franchise.


Accountant or Tax Consultant

Because your northern Kentucky child care center are such large facilities, there are a lot of finances going in and out of them. This can make tax season dizzying for most business owners unless they are used to dealing with large quantities of numbers around the tax season. Whether you’re handing taxes personally or hiring someone else to do it, you should always minimally have a tax consultant to help you get your receipts and expenses in order come tax season. This way your taxes will go by much faster much easier and you will have much less to worry about while still running your business. Accounting help might also include a financial planner.


Administrative Help

Administrative assistants are helpful when it comes to paperwork and guest directory. They can receive guests and direct kids to the appropriate places in your childcare center, take phone calls, assist with new client applications, work on file, and so much more. Administrative assistants are important to keeping organization with all things paperwork and hard copy.


Business Consultant

If this is your first time owning a business, you may be interested in hiring a business consultant to help you steer your childcare center in the right direction. They assist business owners in making the best decisions for their company, keeping an eye out for opportunities, and sometimes bringing in a higher profit thanks to business partnerships that they have.



If you’ve got a big enough childcare center, you’ve got the need for a housekeeper to keep it all straight. You can’t always expect yourself, your teachers, or supervisory assistants to be able to help with cleaning the bathrooms, carpets, windows, and anything else. If you think that your All About Kids location is too big for basic staff maintenance, don’t hesitate to hire a housekeeper if you can fit one into your budget. Presentation and cleanliness is important to growing your clientele. Housekeeping may also include things like snow removal or landscaping at your childcare center.



You should have already dabbled in the legal side of things when you hired a franchise attorney when purchasing daycare franchise. However business lawyers will have a different specialty than franchise attorneys. They will help when it comes to legal jargon, which might include some paperwork with the franchisor and franchisee, but will usually help with problematic employees, liability, and other unforeseen problems that come up when you open a childcare center.


Maintenance Man

While a housekeeper might be optional if you can’t budget it, a maintenance guy is a slightly less optional hire. When things break down, whether it’s electrical, plumping, or a hole in the wall, you’re going to want a professional on it who can fix it quickly and take care of any difficulties that might arise with minimal injury to you, your kids, or your staff at your childcare center.


Marketing/Public Relations

For the most part, you don’t have to worry about marketing for All About Kids as we have our own marketing campaign and PR that your childcare center is able to take advantage of through the franchise agreement. There is usually a stipend set aside from the franchising fee or continual royalty fee that goes towards marketing. However your franchisor’s marketing may not be as specific as you may desire. If you wish to run your own marketing campaign, give let your franchise contact know what you’d like to do before you do anything.


Supervisor Assistants

Supervisor assistants or supervisors would be those that might not have anything specific to teach, but can offer and adult eye for small children as there are usually requirements for adult per child and they vary based on age. While one teacher is usually enough of a chaperone for ten children who are older than five, it is usually not the case for younger kids or a class of more than ten children. The supervisor assistants can help kids complete tasks, work on crafts, take children to the bathrooms, assist with watching during playtime outside, and so much more. They offer more eyes for safety at a smaller cost to you and your childcare center.



All About Kids prides itself in the classes that it offer to students, including free Spanish to children over two. In this case, you will need to hire teachers. Depending on the type of class you want to teach, you’re going to have to hire different people with different specialties. This might include hiring guest teachers to bring new projects into your  childcare center on a temporary basis and ongoing teachers for regular classes.

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