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All About Schedules in Your Daycare Franchise

Keeping a regular daily schedule is key for maintaining healthy and active kids that also stay focused on the task at hand. Kids can become anxious if they are taken off a schedule too often or they can become tired. When you’re planning out your day and curriculum with your teachers, make it a point to keep nap, snack, and outside playtime as regular as possible. You can always vary your Lewis Center daycare franchise activities during the learning hours, but to pull naps, snack time, or playtime apart can create unfocused, hungry, or tired children and make your lesson plan far less effective.

If you’re unsure how the daily schedule is made, talk to your franchise contact and ask about speaking with other franchisees to see how they handle creating their Lewis Center daycare franchise daily schedules. You can also ask us about what restrictions we may have or that we know about when it comes to the daily schedules of the All About Kids franchise. You may ask us about state-mandated daily schedule rules and if we do not know, we can direct you to the information.  We also suggest that you check them out for yourself. Always abide by the state and federal laws when it comes to Lewis Center daycare franchise in order to always be within your rights and the protection of the children.

If anyone reports your failure to follow protocol and you’re proven guilty, you could lose your license, business, and be fined.

Food Programs in Your Daycare Franchise

If you’re worried about financing the nutritional side of your Lewis Center daycare franchise while still providing kids with the food they need to be healthy, check with your home state to see if they have a food program that you might be able to be a part of. Most involvement with local food programs is voluntary, but many offer reimbursement of money spent on food or discounted price for healthy food choices for kids such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy.

You will generally be required to submit your menu to the food programs in order to be given any benefits and if they do not find your menu to be healthy or in the best interest of the kids, they may suspend their involvement in your food budget or program. You can also expect food program persons to visit your Lewis Center daycare franchise routinely with and without prior announcement just to check that you’re following the procedure at your child care centers.

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