Month: August 2015

Childcare Center

All About the Childcare Center Business: The Hiring Process

As the business owner of a childcare center, your word matters the most when problems arise or there are questions about business needs. This means hiring staff, rule enforcement, the bottom line on child safety, paperwork, great relationships with clients, marketing, and sometimes even curriculum, though All About Kids will be the main source for …

Child Care Franchising

How Child Care Franchising Differs From Other Franchises

Childcare franchising is a great investment for business owners because children are not only sticking around for a long, long time, but they’re also going to always have working parents. child care franchising has far more perks than franchises in other industries which makes the idea of owning one much more attractive to many business …

Daycare Franchise

All About the IRS in Your Daycare Franchise

You will want to keep meticulous records of everything on the financial side of your Lewis Center daycare franchise in order to keep the IRS happy when they come looking for information. Accurate reports and details about your financial expenditures and income will be critical to the ongoing success of your daycare franchise. With the …

Daycare Franchise - Schedules

All About Schedules in Your Daycare Franchise

Keeping a regular daily schedule is key for maintaining healthy and active kids that also stay focused on the task at hand. Kids can become anxious if they are taken off a schedule too often or they can become tired. When you’re planning out your day and curriculum with your teachers, make it a point …

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