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All About State and Federal Requirements Your Daycare Franchise

When you talk to your franchise attorney and your franchisor, you should have a good idea of what the state and federal requirements are for a franchise of this nature. If you haven’t researched before, you should after meeting with All About Kids. While the FDD and the operations manual will have information on federal requirements for your Lewis Center daycare franchise, it never hurts to do your own investigating to get a better idea of what you should expect when building and running your own Lewis Center daycare franchise. For childcare, some of the things you can expect to read about are the number of children allowed per child care center depending on the number of chaperones or caregivers. You can also expect to read about what kind of licenses or certifications are needed for child care, how much training is needed, and if every member of the staff must be trained in anything specific. You will also see the buildings health code and fire regulations. All About Kids will already have a design template for the inside of your building, so you should only really have to worry about keeping the building fire safe when you open by not placing furniture in front of the exits and by having a present fire escape plan and meeting spot that you practice with the kids regularly.

When you apply for your Lewis Center daycare franchise licenses, you send it to your state office, not the federal one. At this point, the state will then monitor your business for its entire working life whether you stay at that location or move when you grow.

Following that, the federal branch will set up an IRS report for taxes. Don’t be afraid to hire an accountant to handle your business taxes if you’re uncomfortable about doing it yourself. Business taxes are no joke and can get you in a lot of trouble if they are not done right. Think the bigger your Lewis Center daycare franchise, the more complicated the taxes are going to be and for any childcare franchise bigger than just a handful of kids should have a tax advisor to help keep your finances in order.

Insurance for Your Daycare Franchise

A financial advisor should be hired to help you research and decide on which type of insurance policies will best help to protect you and your business from liability, accident, and health insurance for workers and worker’s compensation. There’s nothing worse than putting all of your effort and finances into making successful Lewis Center daycare franchise and then having it ruined by an accident, building disaster, or unexpected cost.

The state you live in may not require liability insurance to operate but talk with your franchisor. All About Kids has our own policies when it comes to insurance that you must have to run one of our locations. Not to mention it’s always a good idea to protect yourself and your investments. We want to see our franchisee succeed, not be taken down by an unforeseen accident that could have been covered by insurance.

Sanitation for Your Daycare Franchise

Since children are prone to illness and you will be serving snacks in our Lewis Center daycare franchise, it will be imperative that you understand proper sanitation, cleaning supply storage, and food storage to minimize diseases and germ spreading in your facility. Every state has very specific guidelines when it comes to sanitation procedures, so whether you’re in Ohio or Kentucky, your sanitation laws might be different. However, they are usually simple and straightforward in order to make them easier to follow and remain consistent.

For the most part, you can expect to keep diaper areas flat and made of plastic or vinyl and should regularly be wiped down with a mixture of bleach and water and then dried with a disposable paper towel. You will likely be required to go through this process after every diaper change in order to maintain health and sanitation between babies. It doesn’t matter if only one child used the table, it must be cleaned as many germs are spread through fecal matter and children are extremely susceptible to germs and disease. The bleach mixture will help eliminate almost all contaminates, however just bleach can be poisonous to humans and should never come in contact with the skin. Always make the watered down mixture and always wipe clean with a disposable towel.

When food is involved, proper sanitation and safety procedures are even more necessary for your Lewis Center daycare franchise. Food poisoning is one of the most common forms of illness caused in a group setting and it is incredibly easy to do through improper sanitation, mixing food items inappropriately, or letting them fall out of safe temperatures. Keep your workspace clean by spraying them with a bleach and water mix and toweling them dry with paper towels between ingredients. Do not wait until you are done cooking to wipe down and when you wipe down, make sure you get all of the cleaner as it is dangerous to ingest. If you are using any sort of meat, even if it’s deli meat, be even more careful as meats can carry more germs if they are not kept cold enough or heated to the right temperature if they are raw.

All cooking utensils should be washed with hot soap and water and cleaned with a sanitary mixture such as a bleach pool or spray. Then they should be allowed to air dry 100% before using again. If you do food prep in your Lewis Center daycare franchise, you may consider going to the county or state for food handler certification.

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