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All About Childcare Center Basics: The Competition

All About Kids has done as much of the work for you as we could when we built our Kentucky childcare center franchise. This means that we’ve checked out the competition and built our rates to be competitive with the top tier Ohio and Kentucky childcare centers that we’re in competition with. Of course cost of child care services differs depending on the size of the location, where it’s located, the equipment, special programs, teachers, and much more available onsite. Rest assured that All About Kids has the franchisee’s interest in mind just as much as the kids’. If you have any questions about the rate which your franchisor charges for your Kentucky childcare center, feel free to ask your franchisor or franchise contact. You may also want to ask about visiting franchisees.

The ‘Fancy’ Kentucky Childcare Center

With so many choices out there for ‘fancy’ Ohio or Kentucky childcare centers, what makes All About Kids stand out from other franchisors? All About Kids is an affordable Kentucky childcare center with the perks of one of those expensive ‘fancy’ ones that cost an arm and a leg for just a day’s admission. We offer special curriculum to the kids to help them not only grow like flowers in spring, but faster and more effectively than other children their age. We offer things like free Spanish lessons starting for kids age two and up to give them a head start on language diversity. For every age group from 6 weeks to twelve years of age we have special programs in language, reading, art, and more that the ‘fancy’ child care centers might offer for a large extra fee. All About Kids is a growing daycare franchise that many recognize a ‘fancy’ child care and learning center that they can afford.

Low Cost Kentucky Childcare Centers

If All About Kids offers so much in the way of activities, how does it do against the low cost Kentucky child care centers? It crushes its low cost competition due to its affordable prices, above average activities, attention to detail for the kids. All About Kids isn’t a ‘low cost Kentucky childcare center’ for those who need whatever help they can afford. All About Kids is a luxury Child Care Center and Learning Center with prices that just about anyone can afford. Parents see immediate returns on their investments.

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