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All About Childcare Center Basics: Staffing

While you might find it irritating at the time, many franchisees have stated that finding a location was one of the easiest parts of opening their franchise while finding qualified teachers and other employees was one of the hardest, most frustrating parts of Kentucky childcare center. The hiring process can seem long and grueling in any industry, but it can be particularly tough because you have to find the right type of people with the right personality as well as the right education for what you want them to teach at your child care centers.

You might also find that once you’ve hired someone and they’ve started working, who they said they were and who they are showing themselves to be now just isn’t the same person. You may end up terminating them quickly. It almost always takes time to find the right team that will bring the right balance to your child care center. Don’t become impatient and hire someone just to fill the spot as this is detrimental to any industry, but especially in a Kentucky childcare center. A poor teacher or supervisor can ruin your relationship with one or more families and if you’ve ever been a parent, you know that parents talk when child care isn’t sound. One poorly hired individual could put your business at a disadvantage that may be difficult to recover from even after the employee is let go.

Some childcare professionals suggest having new staff work a week or two temporarily before putting them on the permanent payroll. If you decide to allow temporary work while you discover who they are, Make sure they know they’re on a trial basis during the interview and tell them just how long the trial is. Doing this doesn’t mean they are typically paid any less, but simply that they are working on a trial basis, so it should be no different than what it would look like if they were hired on the spot permanently.

Communication in Your Childcare Center

As the owner of a Kentucky childcare center, your main role is going to be leading communication between staff, parents, and children. While staff, parents, and children will all be speaking to each other on a regular basis, you need to keep up with all of them to ensure that things are going as expected or that you catch bumps in the program before they become a big problem.

Motivation in Your Childcare Center

Another large role for owners of Kentucky childcare centers is being the lead motivator for your staff. It will be important to keep an eye on them, not only for miscommunications or trouble that might arise but also to motivate them to the right level. Even people who love their job, industry, or the work they do can have down days and if you’re uncomfortable with the thought of inspiring others, a Kentucky childcare center might not be for you. All About Kids is all about inspiring the best in people, children, parents, and staff alike. One of the best ways to motivate is for you to remain in a positive mood and always come into work feeling good. Your bad mood can cause depression or anger in the rest of your workers. So keep in mind just how much power you wield as the owner and runner.

Problem Solving in Your Childcare Center

As a franchise and business owner, another one of your main jobs is going to be problem-solving. This can mean with problems with the budget, curriculum, or personnel. Keep a close eye on the things happening around you and if you see a problem surfacing in your team, work quickly to dissolve it. This doesn’t necessarily mean disciplining anyone, but find out what the problem is, why it’s happening, and how you can put an end to it.

You may not be able to solve every problem that happens, but you must use your best judgment when you’re making that call. Some parents will continually come to you with complications, complaints, or problems that you cannot help because deep down, they do not want to be helped. Use your people skills and better judgment when it comes to those parents and extinguish any disagreement before it can flare up into an extremely messy situation. While it may not always be easy to calm or extinguish problems early on, there is nothing wrong with asking hostile parents to leave if they cannot follow your rules, so long as you maintain an objective view of the case or situation. You may always ask the parents to come back later once they’ve calmed down in order to problem solve together.

Self-Education for Your Childcare Center

Since you’re at the top of the totem pole at your Kentucky childcare center, it’s going to be up to you to educate yourself after training has finished. While your franchisor will definitely continue to send franchisees updates about company-sponsored training and policies, they may not be able to provide you with all the information you could ever desire about working in the childcare industry. We leave researching past the training up to our franchisees who are beyond competent and capable. If you discover something through your research that you believe to be of use for the franchise and business as a whole, you may consider sharing your idea with your franchisor.

Paperwork for Your Childcare Center

There will always be paperwork at your Kentucky childcare center. This paperwork will vary from admission forms to safety forms, children’s files, and more. Make sure that you have a secure and organized way of not only containing the paperwork for visitors but presenting it. In a worst-case scenario, if you had to pull out information on a student and you couldn’t find it due to lack of organization, this can mean citations, trouble, or even a lawsuit. The organization of your facility will also be something that parents look at when they come to pick up their child or to visit the facility for the first time. If you can’t keep your information organized, how can they be expected to trust you with a learning plan for their children, let alone to keep them safe? The presentation is 100% important 100% of the time.

Also be prepared to explain any of the paperwork needed to either the employees or parents. You may also consider thoroughly explaining the information to employees who can then teach the material to others.

Parental Expectations for Your Childcare Center

As you become situated in our Kentucky childcare center, you have to have some level of understanding when it comes to parental expectations for you and their children. These expectations will come in many different forms all across a spectrum of extremely caring and well-mannered to parents who expect you to teach their kids basic manners. Talk to your franchise contact about basic parent-child expectations. While there will always be kids who are troublemakers, loud, energetic, and so on, we believe that every child has a gift that simply must be tapped into. Focusing a child’s energy on something that is not only constructive, but that they also enjoy is a great way to teach children focus, determination, and to bring the best out of that child. They can learn the skills they need to focus and grow from these situations and become better people as they grow up.

You must realize that many parents will expect you to work around the clock, particularly when they need you, regardless of if it’s 3 pm or 3 am. You may make your boundaries clear as you may not always be in the office or always working. However, do take pride in the fact that you are a business owner and try to accommodate any reasonable requests.

All About The Basics for Your Childcare Center

Owning and running child care centers in Ohio is rewarding and fun for child care professionals. You’re an essential part of foundation building for not only children but for society and the future. It’s important to make sure you understand all of the basics from owning a child care center, working with children, and even just basic structure in order to best serve not only the area but yourself. A poorly planned and unresearched child care center can become stressful to the point that anyway out seems better than dealing with the problem. All About Kids is all about supporting its franchisees and giving them just as much of an opportunity to grow as the children.

When you purchase an All About Kids Kentucky childcare center, you’ll find that every day you’re learning something new for the different part of your life. Communication skills, relationship building, problem-solving, flexibility, Spanish, art, time management, organization. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn and how rewarding it will feel when you go home for the day. The difference is in the way you look forward to returning to work the next day instead of dreading the sleep that will get you there sooner. This is the All About Kids difference that we strive to spread through Ohio and Kentucky with your help and determination.

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